Glass and SplashBacks

Glass and SplashBacks

Want your kitchen to look like it came right out of an interior design magazine? With a splash back from Design Right you can become the envy of all your friends and family.

Design Right makes for an incredibly beautiful and unique splash back. Since glass is naturally reflective, a Design Right splash back makes your kitchen feel more spacious, and the depth of colour is truly phenomenal. With over thousands of colour choices from the RAL colour chart you can rest assured that your design is unique and truly reflects a personal statement. And that’s one of the real attractions to a Design Right splash back. It’s different! You won’t be one of the same old houses on the block.

Best of all splash backs is so easy to maintain. Just wipe with a towel or sponge, and it keeps looking beautiful for the life of the kitchen.

Design Right splash backs are custom fabricated for each kitchen using large sheets of glass. The idea is to have a clean design with minimal joints. Since glass is non-porous and there isn’t any grout, a splash back is free of mould and germs. Installation is quick and simple. Once the kitchen is measured and the splash back is fabricated, the product is fixed to the wall using a silicone adhesive. A typical installation takes 2 or 3 hours and there isn’t any mess like you find with cutting tiles or stone. Installation can be done by any kitchen fitter or by a keen DIYer with no special training.

Got your own image you’d like printing onto a piece of glass, no problem simply email us a JPG or PNG of your image and we’ll be happy to do that as long as the resolution is big enough for printing

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